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I am Blondine Esther. My soul's journey is to help women heal, transform their lives and attract their perfect partner. Read More

Have you ever wondered where that magical feeling from childhood went? Read More

I am beyond thankful and grateful for finding the best Love Coach and Shay’s life Read More

My healing journey started when I had my one on one session with Shay. Read More

Sabrina Albacete was born in 1965, in a house on a couch in Pleasantville, New Jersey Read More

Living in survival mode the majority of my life left me disconnected from my true authentic self. Prior to the Boss Diva program my life was on autopilot.Read More

I found Shay on tiktok more than a year ago and I started following her because I resonated with her ideasRead More

Everything I want in life, I've always been able to achieve.Read More

If you're reading this then welcome and hello! I'm Sam Chavez.Read More

Hi I'm Takiyyah. I attented Boss Diva University and I can now say that I am with my dream boyfriend.Read More