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Camelia kennedy


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Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Energy Healing, Intuitive/Empath



I became a Certified Love Specialist to assist women in claiming EVERYTHING they deserve.  Especially the women who feel they’ve done everything right, but still are missing what they truly desire.  I’m looking forward to helping perfectionists like me,  recover from being their worst critic and giving them the tools to operate in grace.  As well as, making the strong women feel seen and thrive in their feminine energy!

"My Expertise: Type A, Go-Getters, Intuitive Healing, Spirituality, Perfectionists, Family Trauma, Surviving Narcissists, Church Girls, Manifestation, and Entrepreneur/Corporate women."


“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence!” - Beyonce
"If you are struggling with finding your true love, then coaching with Shay is your answer! Her coaching will help you to heal so that you can be open to find the one! After working with Shay, I found my mate and I couldn't be happier!"
"I started following Shay on Instagram for a year and I was gleaning what I could from her lives but I wanted more of the teachings that she had to offer . I invested in myself and joined Boss Diva University after a one on one with Shay. I knew that I needed more than just therapy. I needed to go deeper to do the inner work so that I could heal and move forward to have the life that I wanted. Since joining the program Shay helped me to identify what was holding me back from having the love and the life that I wanted and now I have the confidence and the knowledge that I need to go get it! Thank you Shay you are great at what you do!!"
"I am grateful I was able to join and graduate from Boss Diva University because it changed my life. I had been following Shay for several months, attending her lives and watching her TikTok/Instagram posts. I attended the master seductress retreat where I got to meet Shay in person. I fell in love with Shay’s work and how she cared for all of us. By the end of the retreat, I knew I wanted to join Boss Diva University and be part of this amazing community. It was the best decision and investment I made. The amount of healing I did and continue on doing wouldn’t have been able without Shay’s help and guidance. Thank you Shay and all my Diva sisters for all the love and support."
"I first saw Shay on Instagram. I was already going through my own version of my spiritual and healing journey. So the conversations on her IG lives, resonated very deeply for me. And so, I eventually became a part of Diva University. This program is very intentional and compassionate about you and your healing. It is very well designed to include all the intricacies of a person and is easy to follow. Since being in the program, I have experienced a lot of positives in my life and in my daily interactions. Shay is very passionate about us all living as the best versions of ourselves right now. Thank you Shay and your team for this wonderful program, your love and constant support."
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